Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More Cookies!

I got a care package from my sister Lisa and her two kids this week. She makes the best Ginger Snap cookies in the world, so I’m stocked up in the cookie department again. She also included a bar of soap that has a built-in loofa. I must be in the habit of mentioning the small size of my living accommodations here in the City more often than I realize. When I called Lisa to thank her for the get-well package, she said, “I hope the soap fits in your bathroom.”

Fortunately, the soap fits.

I do have to take it easy on the cookie-eating. I’m doing PT three times a week, but I’m only up to 9/10 of a mile on the treadmill. I’m not burning nearly as many calories as I’d like to, but there is only so much one can do after surgery.

Martin, on the other hand, has lost two pounds! When I got home after two weeks in Seattle, the first thing I thought when I laid eyes on him was that he’d shrunk. But I assumed that was an illusion because I’d just spent 10 days living with a 20+-pound cat. Turns out it’s true. My boy is a lean, mean, “studly” machine these days. And he knows it.

It’s still hot here in NY. A few days ago when I had friends drop in from Seattle – (here for the Matisse exhibit at the Metropolitan) – the humidity was a sticky 84%. Gad. After that, we had a very dry, breezy 80-degree day, and I thought the torture was over. Fall was in the air. If I could’ve skipped down the sidewalk that day, I would have. But alas, the humidity returned with a vengeance the very next day. Ergh.

I want fall to arrive so I can go outdoors and not sweat. And so I can turn off the A/C in my apartment, which pretty much runs non-stop. It’s one of those wall/floor units you see in motel rooms. I hate it because when I turn on the A/C, it freezes me out in just a matter of minutes. I have to get up and adjust the dial an eighth of an inch. Then I sit down, and two minutes later I’m too hot, so I get up and adjust the dial an eighth of an inch in the other direction. There is no happy medium with these units, I’m telling you. Up, down, up, down, up, down. You can’t sit still in your own home. I miss having a real thermostat.

However, it is a beautiful blue-sky day out there today, so enough blogging. Time to shower and get ready to walk to my PT appointment over on 7th Avenue and 54th Street. According to, it's 79 degrees with 36% humidity - my kind of weather! See ya.

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