Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In Loving Memory of Martin

October 16, 2007

I lost my closest companion today. Martin became ill sometime last week, starting about three days after we moved to New York. His eating slowed down over the course of the week until he stopped eating entirely by Sunday. On Monday he was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. This afternoon he went to sleep for good.

We left Maryland on 10/4, spent the night in NJ, and moved back to NYC the next day. Martin, who is Mr. Adaptable, took the move fairly well in the end and seemed to be relaxing despite the chaos.

Here are the last photos I took of him, which was on the day of the move-in here in NY, one week ago Friday. He seemed pretty content to have his things about him (as opposed to being in a new place that also has strange furniture - like you would find in temporary housing, which we were not subjected to on this move, thank goodness).

Martin was my 'baby.' I loved him like a child. To this day I thank my old friend Tom for letting me adopt Martin from him not long after he rescued Martin at a shelter. I had fallen in love with this aloof cat while pet-sitting for Tom and felt I couldn't live without him, so Tom kindly gave him up.

I'm still too torn up tonight to talk about it further but felt a tribute must be made before I put my head down on my pillow this evening in an effort to try to get some rest after two brutally painful and tearful days.

Funny, earlier tonight I could've sworn I heard the bell on his collar as if he were ten feet away. Maybe he popped back in to say good-bye on his way out of this world.

Here's to my Martin - the best boy in the whole wide world (as he was frequently told). May his spirit live on.

Good night my sweet baby, rest in peace.