Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today will mark the 17th consecutive day of temperatures in the 90's in Atlanta. We are having July weather in June. Before moving further south, I dreaded that the heat would be unbearable for me. So far so good.

I'm pretty sure the difference lies in having an (air-conditioned) car. In NY and D.C., I didn't have a car, so I got everywhere on foot or by train (subway). By the time I reached my destination, I was soaked with sweat. Not so here. So far, it hasn't been as sticky humid here as it is in D.C. But, then again, it may be too early to tell. Summer just started.

In fact, I'm still riding around with the top down on the convertible. When the temperature on my dash shows 85, I know that it won't be long before I have to put the top down and crank up the A/C. Generally, when it hits 90, I have no choice. But yesterday I was out all day with the top down, despite the reading going as high as 95 in my car. That's what Saturdays are for!

This is my first weekend in many that I was free to do whatever I want. So I began my exploration of my new home city. I was actually hunting for a good shoe store to take my sister Lisa to when she visits next month, so I had a map of the four retail stores in Atlanta that sell NAOT brand shoes. I was also looking for a vintage clothing store that my cousin Jenny and I discovered in January while I was down here apartment-hunting.

I drove down to historic downtown Decatur—a neat little town full of eclectic shops and restaurants. I ended up spending all my time in one place called Blue Moon Designs. I could've spent all day there! I definitely want to spend more time in Decatur. I wouldn't mind owning a house there.

I headed to N. Peachtree Street in midtown after having lunch at Rainbow Natural Foods in North Decatur. I located the vintage clothing store that I'd been looking for. It's called My! My! My! and is located near the gorgeous Spire building. I can't wait to take my sister to that place, too.

After that, I headed back toward North Atlanta where I live I was driving up Piedmont Road through the artsy area of midtown when I came across some guys holding up hand-made car wash signs on either side of the road. They were doing a good business in a side parking lot, and as I drove past them I realized why: they were wearing nothing but their underwear.

Yup, that'll bring in the customers! Too bad my camera was locked up in my trunk at the time.

I'm definitely enjoying Altanta. I think I'll stay a while. It's funny—this is the first place I've lived in five years that didn't make me miss New York so badly that I cried every time I watched an episode of CSI: NY.